About Us

Brought together with an association in the late 1980's at Kilpatrick Football Club, Gordon Dickson and Eric McAleer have spearheaded this event, since it's inception in 2000.  Our other staff members and volunteers add their personality, direction and leadership on a yearly basis to this well organised, competitive and fun tournament. The camaraderie and team concept of the staff ensure that all of our visitor's have a unique and special experience during their time with us.


The organisers of the Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival guarantee high standards, so participants know that they will be attending a quality event.

Loch Lomond Youth Soccer Festival will always:

  • Be sanctioned by FIFA, UEFA and The Scottish Football Association
  • Provide quality changing facilities
  • Provide top quality playing surfaces
  • Ensure that playing fields are marked out
  • Provide nets on all goals
  • Use corner flags
  • Use qualified officials for competitive games
  • Promote friendship